For your business

Manage your orders

Keep track of all your orders with the Sneat tablet app. Receive the clients' order, make your own and know when your clients want an extra drink or the bill.

Update your service

Provide your clients with the best service possible. Stop making them waste time waiting for the menu and for the waiter to take their order. Let them take control, use Sneat.

Increase the waiters' work capacity

With Sneat each waiter can attend more tables. Allow your clients to make their own orders and remove a big part of your waiters' workload.


We want to help your business, so we aren't going to ask you to invest a lot to money. You don't need to spend thousands to get a better service.

No need for training

We don't think professional applications need to be complicated. Sneat is as simple as using your everyday apps.

Make more money

Speed the mealtime process, increase your tables turnover rate and reduce staff. Start making more money with Sneat.

Be the favourite

Give more reasons for your clients to choose you. Simplify their mealtime, let them order before they arrive and be easily found by Sneat users.

Coming Soon

We are soon going to be making your business so much better!

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